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Wellness Bundle
Wellness Bundle
Wellness Bundle

Wellness Bundle



What's Included:

◇ Restoring CBD Capsules

◇ CBD Essential Oil Roller


Remove nagging mental fog with our Wellness Bundle. This calming duo helps counter mental cloudiness while providing fast-acting serenity when you need it most. Take Capsules every morning and night, and roll on the CBD Essential Oil Roller when you need some peace of mind. 


How to Use

◇ Take Restoring CBD capsules with a full glass of water twice daily, at the same time each morning and night. Adjust dosage to achieve the desired effect.

◇ Gently glide rollerball over pulse points 


Restoring CBD Capsules

Size 30 capsules

Total CBD 20mg per serving

Experience premium CBD in a convenient capsule. Meridian Restoring CBD Capsules are made from organic high-quality CBD and other Cannabinoids, containing 20mg per serving. This plant-based, vegan and gluten-free product was designed to help deal with everyday stressors, and support a sense of calmness for focusing. Add this to your daily routine to have more balanced days.

Notable Ingredients

◇ 20mg CBD and other Cannabinoids per serving

CBD Essential Oil Roller

Size 10 ml / 0.34 oz

Total CBD 50mg

Combining East Asian herbal science with revolutionary Cannabinoid technology, this ultra-concentrated products provides a powerful dose of soothing aromatherapy. Convenient roller-ball application allows for easy application of this synergistic blend of premium ingredients, with time-released action for mental and physical balance.

Notable Ingredients

◇ 50mg CBD and other Cannabinoids
◇ Lavender Oil (Terpene)
◇ Bergamot Oil
◇ Chamomile Oil
◇ Goji Berry
◇ Rose Geranium
◇ Sweet Orange Oil
◇ Rosemary Oil
◇ Jujube Oil
Wellness Bundle

Wellness Bundle