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Action Bundle
Action Bundle
Action Bundle
Action Bundle

Action Bundle



What's Included:

◇ Active Botanical CBD Gel Roller

◇ Active Botanical CBD Cream

◇ Active Botanical CBD Balm


Elevate and ease both during and after activity. This powerful trio combines our 3 topical soothers to leave you feeling great after exercising. Apply all three directly to joints and muscles and bounce back after a workout! Use the Gel Roller for immediate impact, the Cooling Cream before or during your warmup, and the Soothing Balm before bed. 


Focus Areas

Shoulders  |  Neck  |  Knees  |  Hips  |  Biceps  |  Muscles


How To Use

◇ Apply the CBD Cooling Cream to the affected areas by massaging onto the skin. Use up to five times daily as needed.

◇ Apply CBD Balm to palms and massage into skin after strenuous muscle use.

◇ Roll the CBD Roller Gel onto shoulder and neck area for immediate relief.


Active Botanical CBD Gel Roller

Size 30 ml / 3 oz

Total CBD 500mg

This ultra-concentrated, fast-absorbing product is soothing on muscles and joints, and promotes a feeling of well-being almost instantly. Convenient roll-on application makes for easy, on-the-go application. Blending Menthol, CBD and other Cannabinoids, and a premium blend of natural botanicals, this focused formula will leaving you feeling like a new you after every use. 

Notable Ingredients

◇ 500mg CBD and other Cannabinoids

◇ Natural Menthol

◇ Ilex Para (Yerba Mate Leaf Extract)

◇ Uncaria (Cat’s Claw Extract)

◇ Bosweila Extract

◇ Camphor 

Active Botanical CBD Cream

Size 120 ml / 4 oz

Total CBD 250mg

Experience a hemp infused cooling cream that refreshes and soothes. With the power of nourishing botanicals, a blend of natural plant oils, aloe vera and vitamins, let this cream give your muscles and joints fast acting results. 

Notable Ingredients

◇ 250mg CBD and other Cannabinoids

◇ Menthol

◇ Aloe Vera 

◇ Palm Oil 

◇ Vitamins A, D & E 

Active Botanical CBD Balm

Size 56 ml / 1.89 oz

Total CBD 50mg

Made with all-natural ingredients, this powerful targeted topical balm soothes and penetrates deep into your skin. Utilizing natural hemp extract, CBD and other Cannabinoids (0% THC), this formula can provide balancing effects on the body to promote homeostasis and more ease throughout your day.

Notable Ingredients

◇ 50mg CBD and other Cannabinoids

◇ Camphor

◇ Adaptogens 

◇ Lavender Oil


Action Bundle

Action Bundle