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The Best CBD Gifts for Everyone on Your Holiday List

by Meridian Life |

The most wonderful time of year can also find you in the most stressful of times. That’s why adding CBD for anyone on your list this holiday season can make you the year’s most prized gift giver.

CBD is a plant-based, all natural, non-psychoactive compound scientifically designed to help the body achieve homeostasis (a.k.a. balance). It can help elevate moods and build stamina for everyday life, making it a superstar product to incorporate during and after the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

Spread the zen and merry vibes to the ones you love by gifting some of the best CBD products on the market. No matter who you’re giving to, this guide will help you find the perfect product for everyone on your checklist.


1. For the Super Mom 

Everyone knows a super mom when they see one. The one who’s always on the go and rarely seen in full relaxation mode. So, this season give her a gift with “relax, mom” written all over it. Our CBD Night Bundle won’t get your mom high, but it will help her unwind — just like a glass of wine, except with additive benefits. This night collection features a powerful CBD Aromatherapy Roller and CBD Balm featuring a blend of lavender oil and adaptogenic herbs. Mom can apply the balm directly to sore muscles and joints as a mini massage, and use the roller to ease tense holiday multitasking.


2. For the Go-Getter Dad

Many dads work hard all day and then come home to fix a leaky sink or trim an overgrown hedge. Going straight from one job to the next can be exhausting, and many dads out there suffer from aches, stress, high blood pressure, and arthritis. If your super mom’s cohort, super dad, is struggling then this CBD Movement Bundle could be exactly what he needs under the tree. Meridian Active Botanical CBD Gel Roller and Restoring Botanical CBD Tincture are a powerful duo to help ease aches, both internally and topically. Give the old man fast-acting targeted relief this holiday season.


3. For the Risk-Taking Brother 

Travelers, adventurers and fitness fanatics are using CBD for enhanced, natural recovery. If your brother fits in that mold, it’s time he joins the CBD bandwagon too. Give your bold brother Meridian’s Action Bundle so he can enjoy the outdoors or the gym in full force following the holidays. This action-packed bundle features three different topical cooling soothers for muscle and joint relief after any strenuous activity. The hemp-infused gel roller, cream, and balm are fast-acting blends of natural plant oils, vitamins, and CBD that help relieve deep-set aches and prep for any upcoming adventure.

4. For the Health-Conscious Sister 

Finding the perfect gift for a health nut sister can sometimes be daunting, but a CBD Wellness Bundle is the perfect place to start. CBD is a plant-based, naturally occurring compound that integrates holistically to achieve homeostasis, or internal balance. Meridian Wellness Bundle features Restoring CBD Capsules and CBD Essential Oil Roller, so your sister can enjoy a twice daily routine to find her way into perfect harmony.


5. For Your Favorite Gal Pal

A best friend sticks around through thick and thin. This year, to say thanks for being a pal, give your favorite gal pal the gift of relaxation and de-stress. The CBD Essential Oil Roller is the perfect on-the-go gift to calm nerves and boost mood any time of day. This ultra-concentrated aromatherapy product is fast-absorbing and helps promote a feeling of well-being. Its compact size makes it perfect to walk around town and find a calm, cool mindset no matter their destination.


6. For Your Cohort Coworker

If you have a coworker turned friend at the office, giving them an Active Botanical CBD Balm this holiday season is a perfect way to show your appreciation. There’s no issues here on indulging in this powerful targeted topical balm that helps soothe the back, neck, hands, and feet while exuding instant relaxation with lavender scent. Added adaptogens (plant herbs celebrated for their healing properties) will enhance stress response and bring about homeostasis in no time. This product will no doubt be the new office favorite when timelines are tight and stress is high. 


7. For Your Favorite Workout Buddy

The Active Botanical CBD Roller Gel is the ideal stocking stuffer for that friend who keeps you accountable for getting to the gym each week. The rapid, cooling, long-lasting impact gives all the right results to keep them strong enough to offset the after workout blues. Keep up the heavyweights and don’t let your gym friend fanatic miss another day on the move.

Give the Gift of Meridian Life Balance CBD at 30% Off

Find all these amazing CBD products and goodies for all your favorites this holiday with Meridian Life Balance. We’re dedicated to creating the best quality CBD products that combine the very best botanicals with the most innovative science. It’s time to share the knowledge about the healing properties of hemp and help change the wellness of both family and friends.

So go check those last minute to-do gifts off your list and enjoy 30% off all products here through the holiday season (no coupon code required, it’s automatically applied at checkout). 

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