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Introducing… Our 3 Best-Selling CBD Products!

by Meridian Life |

CBD wellness products are no longer a trend, but an active pursuit for a well-balanced lifestyle. Their ability to connect your mind, body, and spirit adds to this balance. We provide only high-quality hemp products that are a balanced blend of science and botanicals.

All of our products are part of the ever-evolving lifestyle that is your everyday wellness. Because of this, we freely share our knowledge to help you achieve this balance. Check out our current products that will elevate your wellness to a more even equilibrium.


Our 3 CBD Best-Sellers

Active Botanical Gel CBD Roller

Our Active Botanical Gel CBD Roller promotes a calming effect on back, neck, knees, muscles, and joints. This product absorbs fast and is super-concentrated for quick relief. It has a simple application due to its roll-on application which makes it convenient for when you are on the go. With a unique blend of hemp, Menthol, along with a unique assortment of natural botanicals, this favorite formula focuses on leaving you feeling like a brand new person after each use.

“The Active Botanical Gel Hemp Roller has proven to be a Godsend after my workouts in helping me recover faster. It relieves my soreness quickly so I can keep training and not let anything hold me back.” ~ Linda T.

“After my car accident, painkillers upset my stomach. Using the gel roller on my lower back has given me a lot of relief without any side-effects. After buying one, I repurchased right away so I wouldn’t run out!” ~ Deborah R.



Active Botanical CBD Cooling Cream

With our Active Botanical CBD Cooling Cream, you’ll experience a soothing and calming feeling that refreshes your mind, body, and soul. It works great for your knees, neck, back, ankles, hands, joints, feet, and muscles. Infused with hemp, nourishing botanicals, aloe vera, vitamins, and a unique blend of natural plant oils, our cooling cream will bring you quick and noticeable results for lasting relief.

“I’ve had some arthritis in my knees since I was in my twenties, and the Active Botanical Cooling Cream has proven perfect for joint relief. It no longer hurts all the time!” ~ Janet G.

“I bought the cream for my wife as she has spent many years in office work, and it has helped ease the tightness in her hands and fingers from typing all day.” ~ David A.



Restoring Botanical CBD Tincture

Sometimes, balance comes from within. Our CBD Tincture is the perfect product that will help give your mind and body the break you need so you can find more balanced days. Our hemp is of the highest quality and concentration. It is fast-acting and designed to deliver holistic benefits, from reduced stress and lower inflammation, to a good night's sleep. It is our top product to improve both your mind and body all at once.

“For me, anxiety has always been a problem. While my medications help some, the tincture has proven to balance me out better than the other pharmaceuticals.” ~ Jaina A.

When I decided to go back to college, the tincture has been a perfect antidote for my test and presentation anxiety. It has helped relieve some of my stress, and I'm doing great!” ~ Karen F.



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