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Cooking With Hemp: Our Favorite Stress Relief Recipes

by Meridian Life |

Have you wanted to find alternative ways to add CBD to your day to day life? Adding CBD oil to your already prepared foods and drinks is an easier and tastier way to get your daily dose. Not only does it make taking CBD easier, but ingesting CBD and hemp this way may also improve the way CBD is absorbed into the body and therefore, produce better effects. But let’s make sure you’re using a high quality CBD oil first. 

Where your CBD oil comes from and how it’s produced is important. Meridian Life Balance’s Restoring Botanical CBD Tincture is our go-to product for mixing CBD into our everyday life products and food. Our tincture is made from the best combination of cannabinoids and terpenes that give you an experience you’ll never forget. Let’s focus on 4 simple ways to add a mix of CBD into your foods and drinks.


1. Cooking

Although CBD can lose its effectiveness by excessive heat, it is great for cooking and baking. CBD infused foods serve as one of the best ways to deliver a good concentration of CBD with ease. Consuming cannabis in food produces effects lasting from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Cooking with cannabis is very simple, get the CBD oil and your intended recipe, take note of the temperature, and you are good to go. Overheating CBD tinctures can cause it to lose some essential components. Please note that your cooking temperature must not exceed 356 degrees Fahrenheit or most of the active ingredients in cannabis are lost. Feel more relaxed after eating each meal with a little oil in your food. 


2. Salad Toppings

This involves the simple act of mixing some of a CBD tincture with a salad dressing. All you need to do is toss up all your fruits and veggies and add a dash of CBD directly to the salad or to your dressing. Adding CBD to your salad dressing may aid in digestion and relaxation. Try creating your own salad dressing by adding CBD to a simple 3 minute lemon salad dressing like the recipe shown below:

1 tablespoon freshly squeezed lemon juice

1 tablespoon Dijon mustard

½ teaspoon kosher salt

1 teaspoon mild raw honey

1 ½ tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

½ teaspoon water soluble CBD oil, such as Restoring Botanical Hemp Tincture 


Simply combine all ingredients except for oils. Slowly add olive oil and CBD oil while whisking together until fully emulsified. 


3. CBD Chocolates

Chocolate is already great, but adding CBD to it takes that mood boosting treat to the next level. These chocolates can be made at home by drizzling CBD oil on your favorite chocolate bars or mixed into melted chocolate. You can even make your own delicious chocolate treats with infused CBD oil for desserts that help calm your nerves throughout the day. Sweet Teal has a great recipe and easy instructions for creating your very own CBD chocolates. 


4. CBD Infused Drinks

This is by far our favorite way to ingest CBD. There’s no baking or whisking involved. Simply add CBD to any soda or drink and feel the effects. This can help play an active role in mood control, appetite, and pain relief. Our favorite drink to add CBD to is a smoothie because of the added zen benefits! Adding adaptogens which are non-toxic plants that help your body resist stress) are an easy way to give your drink an extra boost alongside the CBD oil. An adaptogenic CBD smoothie is a stress-reliever must! Soul-addict has a great blueberry adaptogen smoothie recipe that you can easily follow.


Try Meridian's Restoring Botanical CBD Tincture for Cooking!

Creating recipes with CBD is a fun, tasty, and easy way to enjoy the benefits of the oil. We hope you enjoy our list of CBD recipes and helps you incorporate CBD into your everyday life. Start off with a Restoring Botanical CBD Tincture and try adding it to something you feel comfortable with. Enjoy your daily dose of cannabidiol meals and treats and once you feel comfortable you can get creative. Let us know in the comments if you’ve ever tried cooking with CBD oil!

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