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Arthritis Foundation Releases First CBD Guidelines: Here's the Takeaway

by Meridian Life |

CBD is making waves in the wellness world and it's for a good reason. It’s a desirable pain management tool and the Arthritis Foundation has taken notice. 

The foundation reports that the majority of people with arthritis suffer from ongoing pain and they now want to use CBD to help provide relief. After listening and reviewing with experts in the industry, the Arthritis Foundation along with other organizations are starting to share the power of CBD, and recommend it to adults who are open minded to alternative methods of pain relief. 

Here Are 6 Important Things to Know About CBD and the Arthritis Foundation. 


1. People Are Talking 

There is a lot of talk about CBD helping arthritis patients who are suffering from  pain, insomnia, and depression, however there are no clinical studies to back it up yet. The foundation supports the FDA and is eager to get more information on CBD and it's regulations. 


2. The Numbers Are In 

The foundation reports that people with arthritis are showing significant CBD use and interest. In a 2019 survey, 2,600 people said that they are using CBD or want to try using CBD to help with their discomfort. Other industries are also revealing that people with arthritis are some of the top buyers of CBD for pain management. 


3. Anyone Interested Should Consult Their Doctor 

It’s important that anyone looking to try CBD for relief from a condition speak to their doctor first. CBD is not a replacement therapy for arthritis or other similar conditions, it is here to work alongside what your doctor has recommended to you. It is also important to note that CBD  does not prevent, slow down or stop arthritis. 


4. Consistency & Control is Key 

Experts recommend starting off with a low dose and slowly increasing in small increments. If you’re not finding relief, increase your dosage in small increments every time you take it until you reach the desired effect. . It’s important to consistently take it at the same time everyday to adequately distinguish your observations and results. 


5. The Best Ways to Use CBD 

The Arthritis Foundation believes capsules and tinctures are the prefered safe and effective way to consume pure CBD. Topical CBD balms and creams can help with aches and pains, but often include other ingredients like menthol, which can make it hard to track the effectiveness of the CBD alone. You can also take CBD in edible forms, but it is not advised by experts because the dosing is unreliable. Vaping is also highly discouraged for those with inflammatory arthritis because they still don’t know the effects it can have on the body. 


6. Do Your Research 

It’s important to research CBD companies and ask questions before making the plunge. Look for companies who create products in the U.S. with ingredients grown domestically and who follow good manufacturing practices. Also note that trustworthy companies have nothing to hide! Quality CBD companies should share their Batch/Lab Reports on their website so you can see what is really in your product. Read more about why people trust Meridian Life Balance as their CBD brand of choice.

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