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7 Benchmark Signs of Aging (and How to Beat Them!)

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Getting older. It’s something none of us can avoid, no matter how hard we try. But aging doesn’t need to mean health, cognition and stability are thrown out the window. Let’s take a look at the seven telltale signs of degrading health as you age, and some tips to tackle each one.

1. Achy Bones and Muscle Loss

It’s inevitable for our body systems to change as we get older, which can present itself in loss of strength, muscle and bone mass. Starting in our 30s, loss of bone density starts to accelerate and, as a result, our bodies become more fragile. Bones begin to shrink in size and weaken and our muscles, resulting in loss of strength, a higher aptitude for breaking bones, and even the development of diseases like Osteoporosis. 

Joint issues also grow as we age due to the connective tissues becoming more rigid and brittle, in turn limiting our range of motion and decreasing flexibility. In addition, the loss of muscle mass and strength takes a toll on joints, creating stress that can cause arthritis and lead to falling. 

Not maintaining a healthy diet, or exercising and stretching regularly can all accelerate this process. Luckily, regardless of our lifestyle, CBD may help alleviate troubles and provide more ease to your days.

2. Changes in Your Digestive System

According to the Mayo-Clinic, changes in our large intestine begin to take shape with age. As a result, we become more prone to constipation, which leads to troublesome stomach pain and loss of appetite. Lack of a rounded and sufficient daily diet can lead to tissue weakness and mood issues by starving our bodies of much needed nutrients. 

Exercising, drinking plenty of water and incorporating fiber into our diet can help the overall body system work better and encourage a regular digestive system. In addition, bringing CBD into your daily routine can offset issues by helping restore a healthy metabolism.

3. A Lousy Night’s Sleep 

We know how important sleep is, but a lack of sleep can drastically affect our health with devastating results, particularly as we get older. Sleeplessness can contribute to a variety of health concerns like mood swings and heightened blood pressure, but it can also accelerate the aging process. 

A recent study by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine shows how lack of sleep actually causes our cells to age faster. A good night’s sleep is essential as this is the time our body repairs itself. It’s the period each day we allow healthy cells to regrow, growth hormones to repair, and our brain to rid waste and find rest. If we don’t afford ourselves this nightly reparative process, our bodies are not only more apt to disease, but we’re also less likely to look and feel our best. A good night’s sleep isn’t an old adage. It’s crucial to our health and well-being, especially as we get older. 

4. Fragile, Paper-Thin Skin 

Collagen and elastin are abundant in youth, but gradually decline as we age. Loss of collagen is famous in the anti-aging world, but did you know it can also affect our breathing? Our lungs and epidermis within the skin both contain collagen. Unfortunately, the older we get, the thinner and more fragile our skin becomes. On the upside, there are ways to address this process that takes a toll on both our body and our largest organ, the skin. Using sunscreen as well as products that promote collagen production is a must to help our body feel better, our bones get stronger and our lungs remain healthy. 

5. Increased Inflammation

Inflammation causes pain, but it will also make you age faster. Here’s why. When our bodies are in a constant state of inflammation, our body produces increased levels of cytokines, a family of molecules that regulate immunity, inflammation and the creation of blood cells. Too much of these causes damage to our cells and tissues, in turn creating and endless cycle of increased inflammation. This chronic state of inflammation in the body can lead to several age-related diseases like diabetes, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s. Claudio Franceshi, a leading figure in the study of aging, cleverly coined the term inflammaging, a combination of inflammation and aging to describe the process.  

6. Changes in Cognition and Memory

Let’s face it: Everybody gets old. And for some, the phrase “losing their marbles” is more familiar than they’d like to admit. A normal amount of cognitive decline occurs as we age, affecting our ability to speak, pay attention, remember, problem-solve, and process information as effectively as in our younger days. 

A variety of factors can contribute to the decline of memory and brain function. Different medications, sensory changes, inflammatory diseases like arthritis, and even depression and anxiety can all play a role — independently or in combination. 

The good news? Working to reduce stress, maintaining regular doctor visits and keeping our minds stimulated can reduce the risks of mental disease and cognitive decline. Medically effective supplements like CBD can bring you mental clarity, and help clear out the fogginess. 

7. Hormonal Imbalance

We all know that hormones fluctuate throughout life, from teenage years to menopause — the system responsible for regulating hormones — continually declines as our hormone receptors grow less sensitive. Hormones essentially serve as little messengers throughout our body. If we stop receiving certain messages, then our body loses its ability to coordinate and control certain essential functions. 

Hormones can affect a number of things, from mood, sleep and stress to the way we break down nutrients and the strength of our muscle mass. They are the silent leaders of our day-to-day lives. If we maintain endocrine health as we age, then our body is able to communicate effectively to promote better, long-lasting health.

13 Telling Questions to Ask Yourself to Find Out How Healthy You’re Living

  1. Do you eat a healthy, balanced diet most or all days?
  2. Have you exercised in some form at least 3 times in the past week?
  3. Is your weight within a healthy range?
  4. Do you use SPF to protect your skin from the sun?
  5. Do you drink less than 5 oz of alcohol (about 4 to 6 glasses of wine) per week?
  6. Do you take the time to stretch from time to time?
  7. Do you do at least 1 thing each day that helps you relax?
  8. Do you get at least 7 hours of sleep most nights?
  9. How many over-the-counter medications do you take daily?
  10. Do you have a check-up exam at least once a year?
  11. Do you opt for taking the stairs over the elevator?
  12. Do you participate in activities that stimulate and exercise the brain?
  13. What do you use to ease your aches and pains?

Meridian Life Balance CBD Can Help You Meet Aging Head-On

Don’t let signs of aging deter you from living your best life. At Meridian, we formulated products that make people feel better, plain and simple. CBD offers an astounding array of health perks, just try them products and see for yourself. Shop Meridian Life Balance products to help mitigate the pesky troubles that getting older can often induce, and take your health into your hands, naturally and excellently.

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