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7 Attainable Changes to Happier Days

by Meridian Life |

Being happy is the key to living your best life. Each of us has our own list of what makes us happy, but there are some universal things that everyone can take advantage of. When it comes to living a life that is happy and not full of stress, fear, anxiety, or worry you can make some small positive changes that will make a lot of your everyday challenges easier to deal with, and ultimately feel happier.


1. Make a Routine or Schedule

Starting a new routine or schedule is an excellent way to start making positive and happier changes to your life. Giving yourself a schedule and a timeline even if you have nowhere to be will give you the feeling of accomplishment when you complete your tasks. Also having scheduled “relax” time can keep you feeling motivated and productive throughout the day.

Some changes could be small ones like spending 10 minutes meditating, reading a book, exercising, making the bed, or simply scheduling time for you to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee. It's the little wins that keep us going. 


2. Spend 20 Minutes a Day Outside

Spending time outdoors, even in the winter has been proven to lower stress, connect you more socially to the world, spark your creativity, and also improve your focus and short-term memory. According to Total Wellness, research suggests that spending time outside can function as a natural medicine. It can help improve your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.


3. Try Using CBD for Calmness & Clarity

Cannabinoids have been well-documented by science to promote individual health by bonding to a person’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). This helps regulate your mood, pain, sleep, and even memory or appetite. These cannabinoids come in the form of CBD, which can be found in oils, creams, food, and drinks. Using Meridian Life Balance CBD products is a great way to introduce yourself to a reputable line of CBD products.


4. Spend Less Time on Social Media

Social media can take up a lot of time from your day without you even realizing it! Social media does have a lot of benefits when it comes to staying in touch with people, and staying up to date on current events, but limiting your time can definitely effect your happiness. A recent study showed that many people end up comparing themselves to the people they see on social media, and it hurts their confidence and security with themselves and their daily lives. Take that time to connect with people in person or on the phone instead, I bet you will find that time more well spent.


5. Start a New Project

Projects are a great way to help focus your mind and increase overall satisfaction in your life and attitude. Find one that will take a lot of time and thought, so you have something that you can work on over a longer period of time. Finally start to plan out that hobby you have always wanted to try or learn a new skill you have always admired. Just remember, you have to be persistent and focus, and you will feel a great sense of purpose and satisfaction at the end!


6. Keep Up with an Exercise Routine

Science has proven that if you exercise more, you’ll be happier and a lot more satisfied with your life. Exercise releases more endorphins and will help you reduce your stress level and hormones like cortisol and adrenalin. Don’t just focus on cardio or resistance training. While those are excellent, add in things like yoga or tai chi, which will help relax the mind.


7. Eat Foods That Boost the Body

Eating healthy won’t just affect you physically, but mentally a well. As your body feels better, your mood will improve, which will help alleviate many problems that affect your physical state. Eating better will allow you to sleep better, have more energy, and stay happy. Make small changes to make it a smoother transition. Cut out some of those sugary foods or guilty pleasures you love. An occasional indulgence is okay.


Try Meridian Life Balance CBD to Restore the Mind

Happiness is right around the corner. Making the right lifestyle changes will affect you both on a physical and mental level. Though everyone is different and needs to make specific changes geared towards them, there are universal ones that will benefit everyone, and we hope you give these a try!

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